With the Medwatch personal protection system, you’ll have the piece of mind that help can be quickly summoned in the event of an emergency. If you or your loved one are prone to falls, the leading cause of injury for the elderly, or have chronic health conditions, being able to quickly contact emergency services is critical. With Medwatch, there are no telephone numbers to look up, no time wasted trying to dial the phone. The console provides professional assistance at the touch of a button.





Who needs a Personal Emergency Response System

Anyone who may have health or mobility concerns for themselves or a loved one. It may simply be someone who wants to feel more independent living alone, knowing that they can quickly and easily call for help.


How does the system work?

When either the large, easy to find pushbutton on the console is pressed, or a portable wireless pushbutton is activated near the console, an emergency telephone call is made to trained monitoring operators standing by. Digital information is automatically sent to the operator to identify yourself and your specific Personal Emergency Response System unit.


Then what happens?

The monitoring operator will immediately act to dispatch emergency responders to your location and can call other people you select with your custom call list.