Pressing your waterproof personal help button (PHB) will immediately activate the MXD PERS unit. Within seconds, your response center will be notified of your need for assistance. When a call for help is received, the response center’s computers provide an attendant with all of your personal information.The attendant will talk to you through the MXD unit’s speakerphone. Even if you cannot hear or speak to the attendant, help will be summoned for you. The MXD unit is fast and simple to install.


Small, simple, and versatile! It works with any VOIP provider; can be worn as a wristwatch or necklace; and has a 400-500 ft range. Two-way communication can be established via base


Small and lightweight! One button to call 911 direct! Comes with light up screen display; automatic disconnect feature and accidental call cancel button. If your call is disconnected prematurely, the device will redial 911 until an operator can be reached. Battery lasts up to one year!


Get help anywhere, anytime! An emergency SOS button quickly connects the user with the emergency care center via two-way voice, where specialists can speak with and track the user, dispatch local EMS, and relay critical medical information to first responders. Weighs less than 2 oz! No landline phone connection or base station required. Device can easily be carried in pocket or purse or worn using included lanyard and attachment clips.


The most advanced Mobile Personal Emergency Response Device in the market, with the SmartGo, you’re always connected. The SmartGo keeps you safe at all times, sporting real time GPS tracking, fall detection and two way voice.


The eResponder Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) allows you to get help anytime, anywhere in the United States with T-Mobile coverage. Simply press the button and be connected to a certified emergency care specialist. The device is small, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. Can be worn in the shower and lasts up to two (2) months a single battery charge.


The LifeBeacon is lightweight, easy to charge, easy to carry, has a standby battery life in excess of 48 hours–and can find you or a loved one virtually anywhere on the planet. Equipped with a digital interface, all you need is a cell signal to be able to talk to an operator anywhere.